HavocNation SMPRPG

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Connect now using the IP mc.havocnation.net

Please follow these rules & report rule breakers.
(1) Respect all players & staff.
    No racism, harassment, & trolling.
(2) No Cheating/Exploiting. (Rewards are given for finding exploits.)
    Includes: Autoclickings, macros, disallowed mods, stat boosting, & more
    Mods that are allowed include: Shaders. Optifine, Armor/Effect HUDs, and brightness/gamma mods.

(3) No griefing on our server. **Strict
(4) You are only allowed to advertise content directly related to the server.
    Includes: Livestreams, Videos, and Social Media Posts
(5) Do not modify the server resource pack.