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Beginner’s Guide
Welcome to the realm of HavocNation SMPRPG. We are a towny RPG server where players complete quests and build up their nation. We created an in-depth storyline & questline to create the HavocNation experience. Our server is built around our unique features listed below.
Abyssal Knight: 20 mcmmo sword credits, fire resistance powerup Starter kit :1x wood sword
32x steak
1x Black leather chestplate
1x Red Leather leggings
Elemental mage: More access to spells early game and late game, speed powerup
Starter kit :
1x wooden wand
32x steak
1x Green leather chestplate
1x Pink leather leggings
Lunar Chief: 20 mcmmo in woodcutting,mining,& fishing, resistance powerup
1x wooden axe
1x wooden pickaxe
1x fishing rod
32x steak
1x Blue leather chestplate
1x Black leather leggings
Give info on each skill and abilities

Quests (not guide)
Player shops



Magic & Havoc Items

Custom ores

Custom crops

Custom armor

Custom wands


vii : Unique Areas

End spawn / Reset

Gladiator Arena

Chess arena

Hall of Legends

Legends Guild

Mob arena

Nether changes

viii : Environment changes

Lower ore rates

More mobs