Jeez, it has been a while since this website has last been up. This post will be explaining why HavocNation was down and what to expect in the future. Thanks for everyone who wants to play on HavocNation, we will be sure not to disappoint you guys as we (JakeBubblegum, jmsaints12, Josiah, TheTardis, Ataraxion, & myself) have been working hard to release HavocNation once again for you guys. 

Why HavocNation was down:

HavocNation originally went down due to problems with the host we were using at the time. The host switched ownership and within that process all of our files were lost and could not be recovered. At the time the files were lost I truly lost motivation to run HavocNation as all of my hard work was thrown away and I had no backups of the files. This occurred on May 2, 2016 and ever since then I have been receiving messages from old players that have played on the server and want the server back online. This is the only reason I continue to work on HavocNation and I would like to thank everyone who still cares about HavocNation. <3

Why the release of HavocNation has taken so long:

HavocNation's release was delayed due to the lack of motivation for the most part. When the server's files were lost I really did not want to have to recreate the whole network (Even though a revamp was needed). I really want to own a network I will be happy to promote (Don't get me wrong at the time HN was up I was happy with how the server was running) and with my new knowledge/experience I will be able to make a server that will stand out in the community and will be a fun place to hang out on. Everything will be redone from scratch and will done as best as possible. Our network now has more custom plugins, builds, and features than before. To have the server ready to be re-released there is still quite a bit to be done, but with your support I will have more motivation to work on the server.

What to expect on the new release of HavocNation:

HavocNation is completely redone so expect a whole new experience when HavocNation is completed. I really want to make sure our community is strong and united so I will be focusing more on the forums, the official HN discord, and twitter. If you have any suggestions to improve the community on the server be sure to let me know as I really want to make HavocNation the best server around. I did get a new drawn logo, but I plan on not using it as I believe the current logo is nostalgic and brings back good memories of the old days of HN. Gamemode wise for the initial re-release, I plan to release factions, kitpvp, creative, csgo, sky wars, towny, prison, & UHC. All of these game modes will have unique features that will separate them from other servers. Those unique features will be announced when the server is open for the public. Anything you want to see for the server let me know and if I think the idea is a valid good idea I will consider adding it.

What is the staff team going to be looking like:

The staff team is going to be completely redone. All of the old staff will be demoted and replaced with trusted new staff. As of now the staff team is going to be including my close friends jmsaints12 and Jakebubblegum. Both of them will be moderators on the network and discord and will be helping out making sure the server is a clean enjoyable place to hang out on for everyone. As previously stated I plan to focus on the community more than before and with these staff members it should be easier to handle.

To conclude:

HavocNation has been through a lot and I plan to continue it's legacy. Hopefully you will continue the ride and enjoy your time on HavocNation 2.0 once it is open to the public. The release date is unknown as of now, but with your support it will be much sooner. Thanks once again for the amazing support can't wait for the release. <3